3 tips to make you sleep better at night

3 tips to make you sleep better at night

I’ve heard this a few times lately?!

Anyone else experience this?

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Goes to bed…

💤💤💤Go to sleep…

😪😪😪 Still awake…

📞 Checks phone…. 📞checks again, and 📞again!

💤 Falls asleep… 5 minutes later the alarm goes off!

brain is firing on all cylinders!


It is often a vicious cycle

3 tips to make you sleep better at night.

All you want to do is sleep but for some reason your brain is wired to all things that make you feel worried and anxious!

You end up focusing on all the things that could go wrong and start creating stories of how life might turn out in the next day or week!

And then worry even more about the story!

I’m not here to teach you to suck egg shells… you know getting a good night’s sleep is essential,

And especially if you want to reduce and eliminate the stresses of life that are keeping you awake!

And it always seems to be on the night you know you need to sleep most… you can’t turn off the constant stream of thoughts, even when you are completely exhausted.

Here’s my top 3 tips to make you sleep better at night and drop kick any stresses:

⚀1) Cut off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before your set bedtime. Besides keeping your mind stimulated, the lights from an iPad or other electronic devices can make your mind believe it is still daytime. Make sure to keep these devices in another room, turn them off or cover up the blue displays. This includes digital clocks and televisions.

⚁2) Start dimming lights around the house an hour or two before bedtime. Change a few light-bulbs to a lower wattage; that way you can turn off the brighter lights and still have some light. The lower light level will signal your body to produce melatonin and get ready to go to sleep.

⚂3) Eliminate caffeinated drinks and foods after 3:00 P.M. Caffeine affects people differently, so your cut off time may be a little earlier or later, but start with 3:00 P.M. and adjust as needed.

🏁 Start with these, master them and a see how they work out!

Relaxing the body and preparing for sleep is key

💥💥💥 If we stay wired to social media, TV, bright lights and caffeine… our brains don’t stand a chance at switching off.

We live in a noisy world and it’s up to you close this noise off each night to ensure you keep your brains health tip top!


Keep rocking

Only Forwards


PS. One final tip

The stories you create whilst swirling around your thoughts at night don’t exist.

We focus on all the negative stuff…

The stuff we cannot control! And when this happens, our brain tries it’s hardest to solve the insolvable….

It tries to figure out how to control everything – Which if you think about that logically, we know we can’t control everything!

Yet in the mist of lying amongst our thoughts we create a possible story or future that tries to gain control!

Only sending us into more worrying and anxiousness as deep down we know this story will be tough to pull off!

Ignore the story – create a new one!

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