3 ways to restore your body back to its former glory

3 Ways to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory

Are You Wanting To Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory?

I run past this old boat wreck at least twice a week.

It gets battered by the tide twice a day

And for years now… it’s slowly wearing away.

The odd bit of wood every so often breaks away.

The edges smooth of.

You can definitely tell it’s an old boat.

But ine day I reckon you won’t.

Someone just left it there.

On its side.

Not looking after it.

Until… one day!

The boat became the wreck.

And as I was running this morning….

Just a slow steady pace for 7km,

I thought that if I stopped running now,

And stopped moving daily.

I would become the boat wreck

At first I would just be abandoning myself, stopping moving, just like the person that left the boat.

For a few months I’d still be able to move, just like the boat was still able to float.


With a year I’d be the boat wreck.

Unable to move.

Bits breaking.

Edge smoothing out.

Unable to run.

I didn’t stop… in fact I was pretty pleased with my time. 7km in 35 mins, 5min km pace ready for this weekends trail half marathon.

I am far from stopping and becoming a boat wreck.

The question is… where are you?

Have you just stopped?

Are you still floating?

Have the edges smoothed out with bits breaking?

And what I love most about the boat wreck is… if someone wanted to restore it to its glory days.

They could.

It would take a little while.

They’d have to get it out the estuary to start, rebuild, restore and make it their project, their priority to do the work daily.

3 Ways to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory

If like the boat you are in need of restoration, then here are 3 Ways to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory. I have used these three bits of advice with a countless number of guys, and they work:

1. Decide You Want To Be Restored!

The ship wreck doesn’t get restored by accident. There isn’t a magic wand that will allow the wreck to become sea worthy over night.

There needs to be a specific and clear decision.

There needs to be an understanding of the work involved.

There needs to be an emotional drive for the end outcome.

The ship wreck is easy to imagine in relation to restoration and enjoying the outcome. You can imagine the boat builder working hard daily to rebuild the structure, fix the engine, tidy up the edges, and polish it up. You can imagine the exhilaration on his face when he smashes the champagne bottle over the hull on its first launch into the sea.

But can you imagine it for your body. Can you imagine what work you need to do daily (the training, the food, the questioning, the tough times, the fun times)? Can you imagine what your final outcome will look like and the emotion associated to it (the moment you show the world you have set sail)?

15 minute Actionable Task: Take a moment. Ask your self these questions:

  • Where are you now? How good or bad is your ship-wreck? What can/ can’t you do right now?
  • What final outcome are you wanting? What will your ship look like? What will it be able to do?
  • What will it take on a daily basis?
  • When you reach your outcome how will it feel?
  • Why is it not an option to stay as the ship-wreck?
  • Yes or No; have you made the decision Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory?

2. Commit To The End Outcome!

The next part to restoring the boat is to COMMIT. You need to know commit to the end outcome and go all in.

The boat builder will need to re-order his priorities to make time to restore the boat. The boat builder will need to commit to having the energy, focus, determination on a daily basis…

even when its raining,

even when his friends invite him out,

even when work gets hectic.

Regardless if the boat builder is committed to his end outcome, he will make time, find a way to do it all, and never let an excuse get in the way.

It’s the same if you want to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory. You need to commit to the end outcome, that’s why the action task above has you explore what it is going to feel like to be at the end point.

15 minute Actionable Task: Take a moment to fully commit. You know what is involved, you know how the end outcome will feel. You decided to go for it!
Now you need to go for it.


  • Make it official by writing it down.
  • Then write down all the things you need to do in order to get that end outcome.
  • Break it down- what do you need to do EVERY DAY in order to get the end outcome?
  • Tell one person! Show them about your decision and commitment. Ideally tell your  wife or closest friend, make sure they know how much this commitment is going to take. Tell them about your daily commitments, the end outcome and why you really do want this! Telling someone else not only holds you accountable, but just saying it aloud makes it REAL.

3. Execute – Do the Work Daily

If you have followed any of my work you have definitly seen the hashtag #dotheworkdaily

This is the key to getting the boat sea worthy again.

This is the key to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory.

This is where an idea becomes reality.

This is the difference between the boat that gets left for years and years to gradually decay further and further, and the boat that actually gets launched into the sea.

You made the Decision, You made the Commitment. Now DO IT!

The boat builder cannot just do one day of work and expect it to be ready.

The boat builder cannot compare it to other boat restorations.

The boat builder cannot fall behind on his commitment and take months off from doing the work. It must be daily.

Your body is the same and if you want to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory, you need to do the work daily.

Those tasks you committed to – you need to do them.

Don’t let a single day slip!

Else one day becomes two days, two days becomes a week, a week becomes a month and before you know it the boat is waterlogged again and you have to go back to square one.

Make it non-negotiable to do the work daily.

15 minute Actionable Task:

Answer yourself this question: What will you do in the next 24 hours to start your body restoration?

and go and DO IT.

Then do your commitments daily without fail!

Decide, Commit and Execute

So where ever you are,

Maybe you are the boat wreck

Just know, with a little time, determination and daily work.

You also can Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory

Keep rocking

Only forwards


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