You really want to read about me?

Well the short version is I am an ambitious but fairly normal guy, and been coaching fitness for over a decade and run two business – but ended up burnt out, fat, hating life and genuinely at 31 (when I decided to do something about it) – I thought that was it for me.

That I would never fulfill my potential... after all I knew exactly what to do but for some reason wasn't doing it! I felt tired all the time, life was boring and it seemed like a cloud was constantly following me. Maybe you can relate?

My waist steadily expanded and I was constantly fighting feeling tired and lethargic all the time.

In fact, I was "tired of being tired"

I kept wearing the same old clothes to work, battling with long commutes and spending hours at the desk...

I was stressed, overweight, not sleeping and low on energy.

I reached a breaking point – I thought ‘fuck that’ and decided to do something about it.

I decided to focus on all areas of 'me' not just my career.

the irony here... after all I'd been in fitness all my life, I knew exactly what I needed to, but wasn't! I think that goes for all of us right?

I'd tried previously to change, I hit the gym, played around with my diet but my commitment was low.

This time was different though... I knew I was on a slippery downhill slope and had to do something about it!

So, I sought help! Investing in coaches... I knew that I just needed to be held accountable... in essence, not just focusing on my business but restoring life’s balance.

Now I live a rather awesome life, generally doing everyday 'normal stuff' that serves all areas of me << cheesy ah!

I have radically less stress than a few years back [I think we're always going to have a little stress, some stress is good, it makes us move forwards]

I don't experience HUGE pitfalls in burn out.

No more struggles with my weight... in fact as I write this, my weight has come down from 95kg to 81kg - that's a crazy 13kg, just over 2 stones and 4 inches from my belly.

What's more, now I can focus more on all parts of life than ever before, only because I have focused on me first... looking better, feeling better and performing better!

But the work didn't stop there, I still do the work every day! And the results show up!

It’s that simple.

[The Truth] Why Health Is Important!

Focusing on effective workouts, smart nutrition and a strong mindset made me a better person... it literally liberated me from burn out, stress and weight gain.

It made me stronger & more confident.

It made my interactions with family and friends better and more enjoyable.

It increased the quality of relationships in all areas of my life.

It even curbed those low moments of feeling tired, pissed off and angry!

Basically, I changed my life.

And I want to pass this knowledge on to anyone who needs it... I specifically help busy guys & girls over 30 get into amazing shape! I take them from being BURNT OUT to being the BOSS OF THEIR BODY!

The best place to start... my weekly blog,

but if you ready to action, acknowledge you need a little help then reach out here >> It take 2 mins

Speak soon

Coach Neale


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