The Road Map: Avoiding Overwhelm, Stress and Belly Fat

Yipee Ki Yay, Fucking Overwhelm, stress and dam belly fat! We all know what to do. In fact there is no shortage of knowledge! The world doesn’t need anymore information… It only adds to more dam confusion. Just a few clicks away is the answer right there on Google… or at least we think it’s…

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Being stressed gives you more belly fat.

Why Being Stressed Gives You More Belly Fat

First, it must be noted that stress is not battling with another driver on your commute. Stress is it not having enough time. Stress is not your two children fighting in the lounge. Stress is not forced on you inescapably by that extra weight of work your boss dumped on you today. Stress is not even…

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Business VS Life


The answer was there all along… I just couldn’t see it for looking! When you run your own business it seems acceptable (almost expected) that you sacrifice your relationships because growing the business is the most important thing to focus all of your time and energy into. Let me use my business vs life as an example.…

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Why the 1EMF helps Battle Burn Out

5 Steps To Get Motivated

“It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” What is it that makes some able to grit their teeth and hammer through the final painful moments of a session but sees others crumble and fail? Why are some mentally tougher than others?  [make sure…

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