5 Easy Stretches To Reduce Back And Neck Pain At Work

 If you’re like many people, you probably spend a significant part of your day in front of a screen . More often than not, we’re switching between a TV, computer, smartphone📱, or tablet. Screen time can soar if you use a computer during the day—and let’s face it, most of us do. This can lead to…

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There are a few things I know to be true without a shadow of a doubt: [Make sure to check out the 4 tactics below if you struggle with overeating] ✅ I know coffee & pizza contain magical properties ✅ I can count on Dumb and Dumber making me laugh! ✅ Custard creams rock but I can’t have them cos…

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3 ways to restore your body back to its former glory

3 Ways to Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory

Are You Wanting To Restore Your Body Back to Its Former Glory? I run past this old boat wreck at least twice a week. It gets battered by the tide twice a day And for years now… it’s slowly wearing away. The odd bit of wood every so often breaks away. The edges smooth of.…

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Weight Loss Takes More Than One Day

I get it, Losing weight can be dam tuff, One day you’ve lost 2lb the next it’s back on.  Weight goes up and down like a yoyo Now I’m probably not the first to tell you but: Weight Loss Takes More Than One Day Weigh in weekly NOT DAILY! [I’ll explore this below… press play…

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5amClub Plymouth

Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question

Good Morning [A quick update and then why Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question?] How we doing today! We kick started this morning in great great style A full house of 5am’ers… And this was my message to them today: Thank you, “Thank you for pushing hard, turning up and having that desire to…

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