Just Boil 2 Ingredients & Drink Before Bed to Lose Belly Fat Overnight - Weight Loss Challenge

How To Lose Belly Fat Overnight Drink Recipe

Well, that title got your attention! First up… I know I work with 90% lads, helping them bust old habits, get into great shape and drop the belly! but this is for everyone.  One clear message for all. Next, watch the short 3 min video and let me know your thoughts below in the comments: GO…!…

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3 Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes for fat loss

When you’re trying to eat smart so many people eat a simple, plain chicken and veg diet.  Mainly with the belief that foods are boring when trying to lose weight! Read on to find 3 Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes for fat loss that aren’t boring and can easily be used for dinners and lunches to…

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Weight Loss Takes More Than One Day

I get it, Losing weight can be dam tuff, One day you’ve lost 2lb the next it’s back on.  Weight goes up and down like a yoyo Now I’m probably not the first to tell you but: Weight Loss Takes More Than One Day Weigh in weekly NOT DAILY! [I’ll explore this below… press play…

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5amClub Plymouth

Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question

Good Morning [A quick update and then why Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question?] How we doing today! We kick started this morning in great great style A full house of 5am’ers… And this was my message to them today: Thank you, “Thank you for pushing hard, turning up and having that desire to…

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5 weight loss expectations

5 Weight Loss Expectations

Expectation #no1 – Wake Up Call A year or so has passed, Haven’t stepped on the scales, The day comes…. SHIT – I wasn’t expecting that! 😱  Reality hits… Life has taken it’s toll They were right… once you hit 30 plus… it all goes south   Expectation #no2 – Over Night Transformation I’ll start Monday…

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