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Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question

Good Morning

[A quick update and then why Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question?]

How we doing today! We kick started this morning in great great style

A full house of 5am’ers…

And this was my message to them today:

Thank you,

“Thank you for pushing hard, turning up and having that desire to be the BOSS OF YOUR BODY!

Thank you for being part of an epic TEAM – the support this week on session and in the group, WOW!

Thank you for pushing each other, pushing me and more so pushing yourself!


Thank you for the abuse on session – lolz 🙂


3 session a week = being the BOSS
[Oh plus Armored abs]

Eating smart = being the BOSS

Dominating a winning mindset = being the BOSS”

So the Friday Right Steel Toe Capped Boot of Motivation.

You Ready?

DECIDE what it is you want most… your goal, your outcome
Maybe that a smaller trouser size, better fitting shirt, top of this summer on the beach, jump in a swimming pool with kids, run a 10KM, climb a mountain…. BUT YOU MUST DECIDE

COMMIT at your highest known level to getting the your GOAL
I call this burn your boats… imagine leading an army to way, you land on the an island and meet your enemy.

BUT before you go head to head – you burn your boats… the only way off the island is to win the war.

Go to war with your goal! Do what ever it takes, Yes there will be times when it’s tough, days that are hard, moments where you’ll want to give up! That’s part of it,

Busting through those moments in spite of everything is what makes you the winner!

Commit and burn your boats on your goal and go to war!

EXECUTE every single day until you have reached your goal

Every day have your 3 to 5 small actions that get you closer.

Be specific on these actions!

Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question

and ask it daily,

Q?: What MUST I do today in order to get closer to tomorrow and further away from yesterday!

Notice it’s a MUST! NOT I should, NOT I might, NOT I will….


Making it a MUST makes it real

Making it REAL makes it part of you!

Making it a MUST makes it happen

Making it a MUST gives you results

And that is the only way you know whether it’s working or NOT!

The results that show up!

DAILY EXECUTION of the basic yield epic results – the results you want most


Keep Rocking

Only Forwards


PS. Eat smart this week, get up and get moving, and if you want a little guidance… well, not a little I mean a lot! ping me an email and I’ll be straight to helping you


PPS. Remember to ask the question… that is if you want to get your BOSS OF YOUR BODY GOAL:

Question: Guys Over 30 MUST Ask This Question?

Leave your comments and questions below...