How To Set Up Your Fat Loss Plan


I get all sorts of Qs on setting up a fat loss plan. Some include:

How many carbs should I eat?
What’s the optimal number of meals per day?
What protein sources are best for fat loss?
How many grams of sugar per day is okay?
Which supplements should I take? Should I skip breakfast?
Should I cut out fruit?
Is bread good or bad?

The list could go on and on and on and on….

Here’s the TRUTH :

There are just a small handful of things you need to dial in to craft an effective and sustainable fat loss diet plan.⠀

How To Set Up Your Fat Loss Plan Tip 1:

Find You Calorie Deficit Target 

I don’t care if you’re Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, or following some hipster “organic dog-food only diet.”

 The ONLY WAY you’ll lose weight is through consistently being in a calorie deficit. Now there are lots of fancy-pants calculators and formulas out there,

but I recommend simply taking your goal body weight (in pounds) and multiplying it by 11-12 (possibly up to 13 for folks who are extremely active).

Regardless of what calorie target you come up with, you’ll likely need to adjust them after a few weeks.

You want to, on average, 1 to 2lb per week of weight loss

How To Set Up Your Fat Loss Plan Tip 2:

Find Your Protein Intake Target

This one’s simple too.

Just multiply your bodyweight in KG by 1.8 if you’re female and 2.0 if you’re male.

This will ensure you’re getting sufficient protein to support your muscles without needing to eat so much that it takes away from carbs & fats 

How To Set Up Your Fat Loss Plan Tip 2:

Make Whole Foods The Focus

if 80% of your diet is coming from WHOLE foods (), then it’s absolutely-positively okay to have “fun” foods () for the other 20%.

⠀ … and that’s it! Pretty simple, right? 

One Last Note 

—> The number of meals you have per day, food sources, etc. is ultimately up to you.

As long as you adhere to these three steps, you can’t go wrong 

any questions around how to set up your fat loss plan

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It’s time to torch some fat

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