[Plymouth Bootcamp] When’s the best time to workout?

It’s Tuesday morning which means 2 things…

#1. The weekend has been and gone!
#2. and next weekend feels ages away,

Oh and the day started like any other weekday?

That feeling of already tired before you’ve even started

Am I right?

So as I write this to you (it’s 6:34 right now)… having just got back from the 5amClub who blasted out their 40 mins workout this morning.

Each and every 5am ‘er is improving themselves by that 1% each time they show up and workout,

Think about it…

By nature, we love to put stuff off that we don’t really want to do (like starting a workout plan for instance).

No doubt, you’ve gone to bed loads of times telling yourself something like this…

“Tomorrow, I’m waking up at 6am and hitting a workout! No excuses this time!!!”

(I know I’ve said that LOADS of times to myself) and it’s what I’ve heard from the 100 plus lads who have come through the 5am and 6amClub.

What happens the next morning…­?


The alarm blasts out abruptly like an angry bloke who’s just been cut up at a roundabout­, you roll over, and what d’you do…?

Hit snooze and think

“Ah, I’ll do it later…af­ter work, that’s a better idea. I need more sleep!”

And be honest, does it get done later, after work?


And did that extra 20 mins in bed make you feel any more refreshed? or did you make you even more lethargic for the day ahead?

Procrastin­ation is the enemy of progress.

I often get asked “when’s the best time to workout” – and I swear everyone wants me to answer with “whatever suits you” – but there is a best time to workout…


Sure, you may genuinely find working out later in the day easier. But personally­, and from training hundreds of 30 plus guys from Plymouth, all say,

That getting a positive start to my day (by working out) has a ton of knock-on benefits throughout the day.

… More productive
… More clarity and tackle daily hurdles at home and work easier

And not to mention that after 3 to 4 weeks of moving 3 times a week you could easily be a stone down. After all Trevor, Jerry, Mark, Darren, and Mike did.  And that’s just 5 of the lads from the recent 5amClub.

And you can experience this too.

How would you look and feel, being a stone lighter 4 weeks from now?

Really, the point of this blog (and 5am/6amClub in general) is this…

I want to help you remove the barriers…


the stuff stopping you from getting in great shape even with a hectic work day and busy lifestyle.

Personally­, I think getting a workout in BEFORE you start everything else in your day is a MUST!

You kick-start the body, you activate key hormones, you do something for you early rather than not at all later in the day…. and because you’ve put skin in the game early through a workout, you make smarter food choices as the day unfolds, your mindset is tunned in,

It’s immensely positive.

And what’s more, you’ll have a group of lads before you 24/7 pushing you to do more?

I think you’d be mad to not let me help you nail the habit of working out regularly,

If you want my help and the July doors are no open for both the 5am and 6amClub!


Don’t let the excuses, the procrastin­ation…
th­e flippin’ SNOOZE BUTTON stop you from being the guy you WANT to be!Start today.

Do something active (even if it’s after work)

Go for a walk at lunch. Smash out 50 press-ups, split-up throughout the day.

So, when’s the best time to workout?


You’ve probably heard the saying “The best time to start is yesterday; the second best time to start is now”.


Action beats inaction 100% of the time.

And again, procrastin­ation is the enemy of progress.

Speak soon


Leave your comments and questions below...