Six steps to an average day

Six steps to an average day

These six steps to an average day; will keep your every day… well, average.

Is this you…?

The last call…

We’ve all been there, many times!

We roll over, turn off the alarm – fall back to sleep

Repeat again 5 mins later… and again and again!

Until – the last call! It’s officially the last time I can hit snooze or I’m 100% late for work.

We feel like crap, seeking an extra 20 minutes kip, but reality is,

We now miss breakfast, don’t pack lunch and lucky to even get a shower!

[Insert – Getting up on the wrong side of the bed]

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Coffee Belly

We’ve dragged ourselves into work and it seem the world on their mother wants to moan at me!

The gentle swivel from side to side only makes me more sleepy and tired,

So I hit the “COFFEE”, black – 2 sugars

In hope I can keep my eye lids open and keep it together so

I don’t go bat-shit crazy at everyone that tries talking to me

4 coffees later and what seems an eternity… all I feel is bluuuuurrrrrgggghhh

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I really should prep…

Lunch time is here – it couldn’t come quick enough and before I know it – it’s gone!

I feel like shit today, forgot to prep and yet again,

for the 3rd time this week… Tesco’s meal deals have saved me!

BLT – McCoys Flamed Grilled Steak crisps and Cola have rescued me,

Salivating on every mouthful, it feels amazing!  The only dread is the thought of going back in the office

How having a tesco meal deal for lunch causes weight gain









No one will ever know! Tro lol lol

I snacked all afternoon – I know I shouldn’t but if they bring cakes in and they’re in front of me,

I’m going to eat them!

So…. no one will ever know the pack of “Wine Gums” from the garage on the way home!

It’ll be my secret!

I even throw away the wrappers so nothing is left in the car – just in case my wife sees.

Planned operation this… not the first time I’ve swung past the garage on my way home!

Troll – lol – lol – lol

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In for a penny and all that!

So, with that said – the day started shit,

OD’d on coffee,

Fucked up lunch

Screwed up the afternoon

…and commute home

Guess this is why it’s called “Couch Potato”

Sod it… I’ll have the other half of the Viennetta or a few biscuits….

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Sugar Wired

9pm hits – my brain is on fire,

Every thing I should have done today, people I should have called.. X-Y-Z

Confusion hits – brain is wired and all I want to do is sleep!

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Whaaat? Mental Masturbation!

And so I finally hit the pillow an hour after my wife goes to bed,

and I count fucking sheep all night, just replaying how i’m tired of being tired

Mentally masturbating as I go through my day, the week ahead,

and fill my brain with dread!

I finally nod off, I think about 2:30am

buzzz buzzzz alarm goes off and I hit snooze

#REPEAT the day again and enter the vicious cycle and reality I know as life!

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These six steps to an average day; will keep your every day average… but your day is not meant to be average.

If this you… it’s time to stop being average

I speak to dozens of guys every week stuck in the rut!

Not able or knowing how to escape!

Day after day on repeat – down-regulated and feeling…

Tried, Lethargic, Tired, Frustrated, Bored Angry, Pissed Off!

If you are tired of being tired – follow the link drop me a quick message

It takes 2 minutes and let’s get a different perspective on your day!

That’s exactly what I do,

Get you moving, motivated and back into life like you used to be!

Keep Rocking

Only Forwards

Neale ‘Boss Of Your Body’ Bergman

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