[since May 2016... Getting 30+ Plymouth Guys & Girls Plymouth in Great Shape, here are just a few of their stories]

18 stone & drinking beer to 14st 11lb being the BOSS!

Mike joined the 5amClub summer 2016.  Mike had no routine to his food and exercise was almost non-existent.

Not only has Mike dropped a shed load of weight, he's had to invest in a new wardrobe and has tons more confidence and energy in all areas of life.

Finally, I can't wait to join Mike on a 3 peaks walking challenge end of April 2017; where we climb 3 of the tallest peaks in Wales within 15 hours.

The Mike I met in summer 2016 would not have dreamed of doing this!

Jason: 19 stone to 15 stone

I met Jason last May, struggling to keep his weight under control, having tried literally every diet under the sun and low on motivation. Having a group of like-minded guys with similar goals Jason jumped two feet into every session.

The bottom left picture of Jason and his wife,was his first home workout I set last May 2016 and the right pic was April 2017.  Jason has seen a 4 stone weight reduction, a 10% fat reduction and is fitting into 36 inch jeans he wore several years ago.

What's more, his fitness has radically transformed and he can now keep up with kids and as a builder finds lugging materials up scaffolding a walk in the park!

Unlike any previous attempts to loose weight, Jason has increased muscle mass and reduced the amount of excess skin... to point he is confident to take his top off in public and as I write this is swimming with his son! Wow 🙂 I tip my 🎩 to you Jason!


Simon Joined the 5amClub summer 2016.  Simon commutes and sets off early each day and fitting a gym session in was proving tough.  The 5amClub provided a time and solid routine to train weekly and not miss out!

More so, training didn't encroach on his evening and family.  Not only has Simon got fitter, stronger and leaner, he running rings around the younger lads at hockey!


Scott's weight was steadily creeping up as a result of a busy work/life schedule.  Fitting in workouts and knowing what to eat was tough for Scott and 9/10 wouldn't do either!

Having accountability to turn up each week meant Scott has no excuses; adding structure, routine and workouts into his busy schedule easily.  Plus having a community to inspire his food choices meant he soon saw his weight turn around. Scott is now the lightest he's been in years - high 5 mate!


Swapping Habits for Health... High 5 Malvina 🙂

Malvina started almost 1 year ago now... we meet twice per week and in summary 'Put the world to rights' every session; it's not just about training hard, but challenging a lifetime of habits is also key!

The goal is health - having fought a serious disease, Malvina was determined to do something about her health! And that's exactly what she did!

Tweaking nutrition, tackling some long standing habits and moving more each week... some 35 plus lbs have been lost.  Making life tons easier and more enjoyable; gardening, general day to day tasks, walking the dog are now a breeze! not to mention, walking for miles with whilst on holiday!

See training isn't just about what you do on session, starving yourself in the kitchen and loosing weight! It doesn't have to be that way as Malvina proves otherwise.

Complete 180

Dave was one of the 5am'ers, joining at 205lbs, tired of being tired, low motivation, never really exercised before but knowing he had to do something about his body and health.

Today Dave consistently weigh's in at 185lbs, his body fat % has dropped from 26% to 12.5% and is fitter than ever.  His wardrobe has changed and instead of complaining about how sluggish he feels, this has changed to "I feel the cold now, I'm not fat".

Dave is still in the 5amClub, continueing to add structure to his week, challange habits but also to be around like-minded guys with similiar goals and ambitions to his.

This year Dave completed the Plymouth and Exeter 10km and is running the Plymouth Half, if I had said to him he would do this a little under a year a go! Well, He probably would have told me to f-off!

High 5 Dave - A pleasure training and drinking coffee alongside you! 🙂


Neil joined the 5amClub mid 2016.  He had a gym membership but rarely used it, not really knowing what to do when he got there, with limited motivation and confidence to even go! Further still, Neil's nutrition was OK but long stressful days at work lead to being unprepared and eating whatever!

Today, the 5am start time means Neil can 9/10 times train 2 to 3 times per week and at a time of the day where it doesn't disrupt his busy schedule! Not only has Neil dropped body fat by 1 stone, but increased muscle mass, changed shape and has tons more energy.

Nutrition wise, Neil started "intermittent Fasting", adding structure and routine to his food, giving him more energy, knowing what to eat and when to eat so those busy days no longer sabotage him.

Finally, Neil has since completed the Plymouth 10km and gone on to do a PB at Exeter 10km... with more races in the diary!

From busy, stressed and steady weight gain to being the BOSS OF HIS BODY!  Weight is under control and dropping, with fitness, confidence and strength all on the increase 🙂


Mark started out with one objective - to drop notches off his belt.

Through training 2 to 3 times per week, generally getting more active and tweaking his food, that's exactly what Mark has done.

In fact... I regularly hear complaints of how I cost him a fortune in new suits for work!

A good swap on problems I'd say! High 5 Mark


Ali started out with very little exercise history... would work to work in the summer and that's about it! He knew his weekend drinking & eating was finally catching up with him and he didn't like it!

Jumping two feet in, turning up, pushing hard every session.  On a recent fitness test the guys did... Ali saw his scores almost double from just 8 weeks previous.

Now friends and family comment on how well and healthy he looks, confidence is sky-rocketing and he has his eyes firmly set on his goal! 🙂 Keep rocking Ali, Only forwards, never backwards!


Adding routine and structure

Jim Joined the 5amClub summer 2016.  Jim had been training on and off before joining but long work days got in the way, motivation was low and nutrition was up the spout.

Today, the 5am start time means Jim can 9/10 times train 3 times per week and at a time of the day where "willpower" is strong! He's become competitive amongst the guys and is getting fitter and stronger each week.

Nutrition wise, Jim started "intermittent Fasting", adding structure and routine to his food, giving him more energy, knowing what to eat and when to eat and what's more is seeing steady weight loss as a result.

Finally, Jim now goes above and beyond, he's completing the Plymouth Half Marathon this year and weekly will add a selfie into the 5amClub community of a extra workout session!

Cheers To Success!

If you train 3 times per week, tweak your diet a little and are part of a community of like-minded guys, the likelihood of success. well it's off the scale.

Each one of these guys has their own story, their own battle and daily struggles.  However, they all share a similar goal, to become the BOSS OF THEIR BODY!

They are all tired of being tired, have tried diets, workouts and all previous attempts have failed!

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How To Lose 6lbs to 10lbs Of Fat From Your Stomach And Get Super Fit And Healthy In 4 Weeks Without Starving Yourself Or Joining A Gym



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  • q-iconWhat is the start date?

    The next 5am & 6am Club Plymouth starts beginning of each month – only a couple of spaces left!

    Apply Here to  shortlist the queue and guarantee a place

  • q-iconWho is this for?

    Men between the ages of 30+ that are NOT already fit and live in or near Plymouth

    This is about targeting fat loss – specifically from around the stomach area. For guys that want to get their body confidence back and rediscover their passion for life.

  • q-iconHow does the program work exactly?

    Each week you will attend 3 live workouts with me down by the Plymouth embankment – Plymouth. Alongside daily nutrition and motivation guidance. Further still, you can access almost 100+ downloadable workouts, 12 HIIT videos and weekly FB live workouts. This way, we do everything possible to get your goal.

    The sessions progressively get harder as the weeks go on so that by week 4 you will be amazed by how much fitter and stronger you are.

    Did I say – You’re guaranteed to get results by following the plan!

  • q-iconWhat sort of workouts are they?

    Most of them are no more than 40 minutes long. They are designed to be high fat burning workouts, leaving you feeling strong, athletic and being the BOSS OF YOUR BODY!  The downloadable workouts and HIIT videos can all be done at home with no equipment! They are highly effective and will have your metabolism still torching fat throughout the day.

  • q-iconRealistically what can I expect to achieve?

    Fat loss from around your stomach – between 8lbs and 14lbs.

    More strength.

    More energy that then leads on to more focus and productivity throughout the day.

    More confidence and self-esteem connecting you again to your wife and kids.

    Better quality sleep

    Finally understand food, what to eat, when to eat and Why!!!

    Meet a group of lads, all in the same place and who strive for more

    A lot of lads banter!!!

  • q-iconWhat equipment do I need?

    For the 3 sessions with me… a towel and water bottle is a must!

    The home based workouts are all body weight, a good internet connection and phone is required for the live FB workouts. Given that your body will probably weigh at least 90kg – that is more than enough weight to be using for now.

  • q-iconWhy don't we use weights?

    We use some weights on the 5am sessions, kettlebells, battle ropes, tyres…

    For the home workouts… Contrary to popular belief your body is actually a great weight to be using. Once you have your base fitness in place and are able to perform all bodyweight exercises to a high intensity then you will be ready to move on to equipment based exercises.

    Not on this 4 week programme though.

  • q-iconReally only 40 minute workouts?

    Absolutely. It’s a myth that you have to go to the gym to workout for 90 mins 5 times per week before you see any results. Intensity is more important than duration for fat loss.

  • q-iconI work away a lot. Is this an issue?

    Nope. Any sessions you miss with me, I’ll support you to complete a self-guided workout from the 50 odd available to do that day.  These workouts can be done from your hotel room or from a hotel gym.

  • q-iconI'm on holiday during the program. Is this a problem?


    The great thing about this program is that it’s 100% portable.  You can still log in and complete the live FB workouts, plus complete any of the HIIT videos or self-guided plans.  Which means you can keep all you hard earned efforts whilst away. As long as you have access to the internet then you can still stay on track and not miss out.

  • q-iconWhy shouldn't I just join a gym?

    How many times have you tried that already?

    It doesn’t work for most. No matter how many times you say this time it will be different – plus January is the worst time to join a gym.

    Don’t get sucked into the nice changing rooms, plasma TVs and pool and kid yourself that having a 30 minute treadmill run and dip in the pool is gonna get rid of that gut – it won’t!!!

    I’ve been there! – you need a specific programme that combines exercise with nutrition, accountability and a group of guys like yourself with a common goal.

  • q-iconDo I just do it for 1 month?

    Most guys stay for a couple of months, making sure their NEW routine is solid and results continue to show up. The price doesn’t change for you and no contract is in place!