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About Neale Bergman Soft Tissue Therapist in Newquay

I find it tough to talk about myself, Neale Bergman, when 99.9% of the content I produce weekly is all about you and your pain. Ultimately I want to help you hurt less! and move better.

But the question is…

Who am I (Neale Bergman) to help you?

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2019. I am now a level 4 Soft Tissue Therapist. In essence, I deliver deep tissue, remedial, and sports massage.

Inside each of these treatments are several techniques. I prefer to see each technique as a tool. Depending on what ache, pain, or injury you present determines which tool is best.

Outside of massage therapy, I’m not green to working with clients around pain.

At the heart of it… I’ve been in the health and fitness industry since 2005. I started out as a personal trainer and over the years have directly helped over 5000 people.

I’ve run Bootcamps locally with hundreds of clients. I’ve worked in small semi-private settings targeting specific goals such as weight loss. And delivered thousands of 121 sessions. Covering everything from back pain to helping clients complete their first marathon.

In 2008/9 I had a wild card in teaching fitness (train the trainer). This was perfect as I studied education at University in the early 2000s. Since then I’ve been in and out of the classroom teaching all over the world and still do this to this day.

I’ve trained over 10,000 fitness professionals. The vast majority of these qualifications require an understanding of anatomy and physiology.

This is where our paths truly cross.

The ache, pain, or injury you have right now or have experienced all comes back to anatomy and physiology.

Anatomy is the study of all the parts that make up your body. Whereas the study of physiology is how all these parts work together.

And over the past 18 years, I’ve been

Obsessed with how the body works

It wasn’t by accident though I found myself in 2019 pursuing soft tissue therapy. Which also saw me dive deeper down the rabbit hole of anatomy and physiology, pain and injury.

Neale Bergman: My journey of pain and clinical conditions

I’ll Romeo and Juliet this… so you know the ending first which I hope gives a lot of context.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with “Post Exertion Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Post-exertional malaise (PEM) is a key characteristic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

In layman’s terms… a persistent and disabling sense of exhaustion that does not improve with rest or sleep.

The exact cause of PEM/CFS is not yet fully understood. It is thought to be related to:

  • Abnormalities in the immune system
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • and/or mitochondrial function

Now we can see the link to my lifelong obsession with anatomy and physiology.

For many years prior to 2019, I was a runner. I built up from short 3-5k runs right through to ultra-marathons covering 100kms. I’d train several times per week and race all over the UK at least once or twice per month. I got pretty good tbh, I’m no pro-athlete by any means but I would aim to finish top 20 and sometimes I’d see a top 3 spot.

The more I ran the more niggles and injuries would show up. I’d then head to a soft tissue therapist, work on those specific muscles and carry on.

Then in June 2019, I ran my first BIG ultramarathon (100km) race of the year. It was wet, miserable, and cold at the start. I covered the first 35km in a good time. By 60km I felt like the fuel pipe to my body had been pulled out. I’d hit the wall before in races and training but this felt very different.

I carried on and nursed my way to the next checkpoint where my wife, Hayley supported me. After a quick change of clothes, food, and a cup of tea, I continued.

I had 40km left, 2km short of a full marathon. I can only describe those 40km as sitting on the devil’s knee 🤣. The last 5 miles were uphill; I was ill, sick, and passed out but I had come this far so I was getting myself across the line.

I knew the moment I crossed that line, I knew deep down something had changed.

In the coming months, I was tested for everything from:

Achilles tendonitis‘ to ‘Picks Disease‘, ‘Early onset dementia‘ to ‘lung cancer‘. All these came back negative which I am thankful for.

Ultimately CFS is diagnosed upon everything else being ruled out.

Since 2019 I went on my own exploration into pain, clinical conditions, and injury.

I know there are tons of therapeutic approaches that help. I came to the conclusion that soft tissue therapy top trumped everything.

At the heart of soft tissue therapy, the nervous system is given an opportunity to relax.

To find balance.

To find a center.

It’s in this state the body’s anatomy and physiology can start to repair, rebuild and recover.

That’s my journey of pain

I’ve experienced many different types of injuries, niggles, and now clinical conditions. Coupled with almost 20 years of education and training people.

I feel I am uniquely placed to help you.

To fully empathise with you.

and guide you to hurt less and move better.

If you are still here reading this… thank you!🙏

Like I said at the start. I prefer talking about you and your pain so I invite you to explore my website, blog page, and social media.

If I haven’t covered the specific ache, pain, or problem you have you can reach out to me HERE. I’m always open to content ideas.

Outside of that… my soft tissue therapy sessions take place at The Feel Good Building in Newquay. But, if you prefer a home visit then we can discuss this in your FREE CONSULTATION.

In Summary, I’m Neale Bergman

and I’m here to use the past 20 years of experience to help you hurt less and move better!

If you currently have an ache, pain, injury, or niggle and want more help? Your next step for me to help you be pain-free is to book a FREE consultation.

We can jump on a 10-15 minute phone call. I can ask you about your current pains and discomfort. You can ask me any questions.

At the very least you’ll leave the call with clarity on how to hurt less and move better.

If I feel I can help you in the clinic, we’ll get you booked for your first session.

I look forward to hearing from you

Neale Bergman – Soft Tissue Therapist based in Newquay, Cornwall.

To help you right now here are 2 actions to help you become pain-free.

1. Book a free consultation here.

We can arrange a short phone call to see how I can help you.

2. Read this blog: When to see a doctor for back pain – READ NOW

Looking forward to getting you pain-free

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